Preservation of Harvard’s Winthrop House Recognized

We are pleased to announce that Harvard University received a Preservation Award for renewal of Winthrop House at the Cambridge Historical Commission’s 22nd annual awards ceremony in late May. CVM served as the building envelope, preservation and structural engineering consultant for the restoration. Winthrop House is the fourth of Harvard’s historic River House residences to be renovated, with CVM serving on the consultant team in each house.

Constructed in 1914 as separate freshman dormitories along the Charles River, Winthrop House consisted of two Neo-Georgian buildings, Gore Hall and Standish Hall. In the early 1930’s, the two buildings were renovated and combined to become John Winthrop House, part of Harvard University’s newly developed House System. In a well-coordinated effort between the design team and school officials, the entire project was completed in 15 months. Congratulations to Harvard and the project staff.