Harvard University, Stone Hall

Harvard University’s River Houses are undergoing a comprehensive, fifteen year, $1 billion rehabilitation program that will modernize all of their undergraduate houses along the Charles River.

Stone Hall’s envelope restoration included slate replacement and masonry restoration, combined with window replacement and restoration.

CVM used energy modeling informed by real-time data to inform the design of energy conservation upgrades to support stakeholder decision-making.

The projects have garnered praise for their successful preservation of the historic buildings and landscapes, with Stone Hall  earning recognition by the Cambridge Historic Commission. Additionally, 100% of all common areas and 688 beds are now fully accessible, and accessible bathrooms and toilets are available on all floors for residents and visitors.

This improved accessibility fosters a deeper connection between students as they are drawn together in well-preserved, historically rich communal spaces.


Location: Cambridge, MA
Architect: KieranTimberlake