CVM Engineers Investigating Global Concrete Design Codes and Standards

The Strategic Development Council (SDC) of the American Concrete Institute Foundation (ACIF) has selected CVM Engineers to perform a global review of existing concrete codes and standards. This action is a significant step toward achieving their goals of building the next generation of ACI Codes and serving the US and global partners in concrete excellence. A comprehensive undertaking, the review will include materials from the United States, Australia, Canada, China, Europe, Japan and other nations, and will comment on the codes and standards themselves as well as their perceived effectiveness.

CVM’s Tracy Marcotte, PhD, PE, FACI (a member of ACI’s Board of Direction) and Keith Kesner, PhD, PE, SE, FACI partnered with ACI President-Elect Randall W. Poston, PhD, PE, SE, NAE and Joseph Klein, PE of PIVOT Engineers to complete the report, which will be presented at the SDC’s February 2019 meeting.