Historic Preservation

Historic preservation is an inherently sustainable practice, however, its implementation can be challenging.

As preservation engineers and restoration architects, CVM has again and again balanced modern energy conservation and building envelope performance goals with the sensitivity necessary to preserve our historic fabric and cultural history.
For owners, CVM understands that successful preservation plans include comprehensive management strategies and long-term planning, but also solid cost models to rationalize capital and maintenance investments.

Our strength in historic preservation is drawn from the following CVM advantages & capabilities:

  • Assessments are aggressively rationalized to be comprehensive and tailored to project goals.
  • Historic feature identification and materials research capabilities. We possess a deep reservoir of first-hand experience with construction materials and building types as far back as the late 1700s, supplemented with exceptional historic record research capabilities.
  • Diagnostic testing, evaluation, and modeling acumen.
  • Multi-disciplinary teamwork with experts on every project. Restoration architects, structural preservation engineers, architectural engineers, and materials engineers work together every project.
  • Committed to outreach with public or institutional for engagement and planning a successful project (MHT videos), and sharing thought-fully collected data and experiences to contribute to preservation science (ASTM, ASCE articles).
  • Tailored Reporting and Documentation to support capital campaigns, consensus building, and grants applications.