Industrial Projects

The structural engineering of industrial facilities is driven foremost by the underlying industrial processes that occur in the facility.

These can be manufacturing, packaging, distribution or the conveyance and treatment of materials and the support of machinery. The structual demands of the processes often involve resisting dynamic forces, extreme temperatures and other harsh environments. New structural systems must often integrate into existing operational areas and must be designed with constructability in mind. Our structural engineering approach is one that integrates the demands of process, mechanical, piping and electrical engineering directed by the client, resulting in reliable and economical structures.

Major Parcel Handling Company,
Multiple Locations
As structural engineer and project manager, CVM led multidisciplinary design teams solving problems for one of the country’s largest Fortune 500 companies.

In New Jersey, CVM led the design of a new 10,000 SF mezzanine to increase the company’s productivity and efficiency in their small-sort process. Working closely with the company’s project managers, CVM inserted new structure into an existing facility while minimizing impact on their operation.

In another New Jersey project, CVM led the fit-out design of a 120,000 SF warehouse space. Facing a timeline of just a few months, CVM quickly designed significant mechanical, electrical, structural and architectural upgrades to an existing facility, supporting the high demands of a health care client.

Vibration Analysis and Testing Projects,
Multiple Locations
As vibration engineers, CVM provides dynamic analysis of proposed equipment installations in new and existing structures to ensure that the structure is adequate to avoid structural resonance and that vibration levels imparted to the structure are within industry standard limits for workers. CVM also provides dynamic testing of existing facilities both before and after the equipment installation.

The Boeing Company
Since 1989, CVM has provided support for continuing modifications throughout a 200-acre manufacturing complex outside of Philadelphia. Enjoying an ongoing relationship, CVM was retained for projects including a $6 million flood control; $2 million paint program; building facade restoration; high security facility renovations; equipment and facility relocations and renovations; pulse assembly line for the Comanche helicopter; pipe bridges; jib hoists; cranes, and a boat launch facility for emergency rescue and environmental cleanup.

Pharmaceutical Companies
CVM has provided design services to many high-profile pharmaceutical companies, performing alterations to existing facilities with a range of applications. These technically challenging projects include clean room design and design for vibration sensitive equipment in manufacturing and research facilities.